Classic Tea Set [Preorder]

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An excellent tea set choice for younger toddlers that is super durable and made to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play. Beautifully designed in natural wood and hints of grey; and will fit perfectly in any minimalist playroom!

• tactile exploration
• language skills and vocabulary expansion
• cognitive and emotional development
• culinary interest
• social integration and collaborative play

Constructed from sustainable PlanWood™, a unique eco material which combines leftover wood waste with organic coloured pigments and E-zero Glue at intensive pressures to achieve a mouldable, hardy & water-proof wooden material; making it the safer & greener choice for growing tots!

Set includes: 1 teapot, 2 tea cups, pitcher, 1 serving tray, 1 spoon

[Delivery will take about 1-2 weeks]