Dino Dig Playset

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Dinosaurs! Rrrrrrraaargh! Does your child love dinosaurs?

We created the “Dino Dig” themed Playset to inspire your child to explore the enthralling world of dinosaurs and their fossils.

We provide LOOSE PARTS, which give your child creative freedom and engage them in open-ended play. We believe in the REGGIO EMILIA philosophy, that our little ones grow more when they are inspired by their environment, so let’s give them a feast for their senses to devour!

Our yummy smelling playdough is the perfect foundation for any imaginative role play session, such good quality and so good to smell. This multi-sensory experience will have your child full engaged, and their brains will be brimming with activity. We know, because we are parents, just like you.

Watch your child grow before your eyes, improving their language skills, fine-motor skills, confidence, social skills and so much more, with our Dino Dig themed playset.