My Mood Memo [Preorder]

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A fun Memory-EQ game that helps kids learn to identify emotions while honing their memory skills!

Consists of 24 wooden tiles that feature 12 different emotions. Players take turns flipping the wooden tiles over to find matching moods. Extend play value by having players share a time they felt that particular mood each time they manage to uncover a matching pair.

Comes with an Emotion Colour Wheel that helps categorise feelings and expand their emotional vocabulary.

Great for developing:
• Theory of mind
• Emotional intelligence
• Memory
• Social integration
• Self awareness
• Confidence
• Open communication
• Empathy and compassion for others

Constructed from sustainable PlanWood™, a unique eco material which combines leftover wood waste with organic coloured pigments and formaldehyde-free E-zero Glue at intensive pressures; creating a mouldable, hardy & water-proof wooden material that is safer & greener for growing tots.

☆ Play Tip: Employ the Emotion Colour Wheel to work through tantrums and 'bad' days as an alternative to timeouts! Get your little one to point to the mood that he/she is feeling, and encourage them to explore the possible triggers and logical reasoning behind their emotions. Also, our little ones can sometimes say or do things that unintentionally hurt us; use this Wheel to explain to them how you feel, and let them know why their words matter. ♡

Set includes: 24 round wooden tiles

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