Nature Playbox - Little Creatures

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Little creatures are sooooo fascinating! So small, and yet so detailed.
Let’s investigate this remarkable world of tiny animals, by building our own!

With our complete “Little Creatures Playbox”, your child has the tools they need to build, shape and create whatever creature their imagination desires.

How can this Playbox be used as a learning tool?

  • Identify little creatures using our unique animal flashcards
  • Learn the body parts of each creature
  • Construct your own little creatures using natural loose parts and scented dough
  • Study fun facts about each creature (on the back of the card)
  • Sensory play – our textures, smells and vibrant colours open pathways to cognitive learning for kids in their early years

The Nature Playbox comes with Little Legend’s own, uniquely designed wooden box with compartments. This is an ideal tool for learning organisational skills.

This open-ended resource can develop confidence and courage as your child directs their own learning. Let’s build little creatures with our beloved little ones.

 Great for Reggio Emilia or Montessori inspired environment
 Great for classroom setting/ homeschooling
 As an extension to your educational learning home

***All playsets are fully sanitised***